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[Accustic Arts] Power Stripe Active 6

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Original price $12,900.00
Original price $12,900.00 - Original price $12,900.00
Original price $12,900.00
Current price $7,700.00
$7,700.00 - $7,700.00
Current price $7,700.00
Premium quality power strip with two special ACCUSTIC ARTS® EMC filter stages and separate wires („bi-wiring“ configuration) for analog and digital devices; therefore avoidance of „digital” scattering into analog devices
Very stable aluminium housing for optimum shielding; every part of the housing is earthed separately
Mains sockets of premium quality with very low contact resistance for perfect fitting to the mains plug; available with 6 sockets
Integrated EMC shielded power cord with 5 x 2.5 mm² cross section made of high quality OFC wire; the power cord is assembled with an extremely stable premium quality mains plug (US type from WATTGATE®)
Two integrated ACCUSTIC ARTS® EMC filter stages (one for analog devices, one for digital devices) with precisely adjusted filtering effect; the EMC filters are positioned vibration absorbing, isolated with a special potting compound and single shielded
Internal wiring with 2.5 mm² solid core wires of pure copper (99.999 % OFC)
Star-shaped wired, central earthing connection to avoid interferences
Integrated overvoltage protection, separately for analog and digital section
Dimensions of housing : 500 x 54 x 54 mm
Power Cord: standard length : 2 m – outside cord diameter: 15 mm
Additional lengths per 0.5 m add-on
Available versions: 220 V
Available types of sockets / mains plugs: European type and US-type (US type from WATTGATE®)
ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER STRIPs are “Handmade in Germany“