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[Ramses] Single Wire Speaker Cable

by Ramses

The principal sound characteristics of the RAMSES speaker cable are their absolute homogeneity and neutrality, the entirely lack of any compensation effects as well as the exceptional speed and responsiveness of sound playback. We are cocksure that you will find no other speaker cable which sounds in a really neutral hifi system more homogeneous than the RAMSES speaker cable.

The Application

The RAMSES SC speaker cable is as standard available in any desired length from 1.00 to 6.00 meter. There are versions for single-wiring use as well as for biwiring and even for tri-wiring speaker applications. Biwiring versions can be realized by a special Y-adaptor or for optimum results by a self-contained bi-wiring cable. For the termination we offer MC4 bananas, Neutrik NL4FC plugs or high quality spades. Other special terminations are available on request if they meet our quality requirements.

The RAMSES BC are special bridging cables for bi-wiring speaker terminals. They are also available with MC4 bananas, Neutrik NL4FC plugs or spades. One set includes as standard four cables of 12 cm length.

Like any other speaker cable RAMSES needs a certain run-in time, however significantly lower than for other cable designs. After 2-3 weeks the music reproduction will achieve its absolutely perfect level.

*Displayed Item (no warranty)* Please contact us for details on the condition of this item.