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[bFly-audio] PURE Series Absorber


The PURE series for HiFi components and loadspeakers.

PURE-2 max. 45 kg - Set of 4 Pieces

PURE-3 max. 70 kg - Set of 4 Pieces

With the PURE absorber we have improved our MLA technology (Multi Layer Adjustment) significant.

To increase the broadband absorber effect the PURE implements now a gel pad on the underside.
The duration of the gel pad is adjusted to the other absorber layers and complements the layer model of the MASTER serie.
Furthermore the PURE has an additional air cell between the two aluminium layers and parallel to the Sorbothane.

So we provide our MLA Technologie additionally on a pneumatic way. The sonic result of the PURE is more details and plasticity with usual natural sound.