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[bFly-audio] PURE-Tube Series Absorber

Original price $1,870.00 - Original price $2,070.00
Original price
$1,870.00 - $2,070.00
Current price $1,870.00
Unit: PURE-Tube-1 - Set of 4 Pieces

PURE-Tube for tube amplifier

PURE-Tube-1 max. 35 kg - Set of 4 Pieces

PURE-Tube-2 max. 55 kg - Set of 4 Pieces

Our PURE-Tube absorber are designed for the construction related one-sided distribution of the weight.

The transformers of Tube Amplifiers produce by nature mechanical vibrations and so disturb the flow of signals within the internal boards, cables, electronic components and especially the sensitive tubes.These parts are major on the easier side of the amplifier. So the PURE-Tube absorbers consists of 2 different types.

- 2 absorber with more soft damping for the light side of the device results in an much better damping factor in this critical area.
- 2 absorber with more hard damping placed on the heavy side.