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[bFly-audio] TALIS Basic Absorber Feet

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Original price $2,300.00
Current price $2,070.00

The absorber material in the BASIC version uses a ring of cork and rubber granules.

For optimum load matching, we offer 2 sizes of feet:

Max. Load:       TALIS M up to 50kg / set
                         TALIS L up to 400kg / set

Diameter:         TALIS M   42mm 
                         TALIS L   55mm

Screws:            Standard with M8 screws in two lengths: 15 mm and 25 mm
                         Optionally: M6, M10 or M10 - surcharge

TALIS ensures effective elimination of ground vibration. This vibration originate from the speakers and manifests itself in your Hi-Fi system in the form of harmful microphonics.

The additional black Glider at the base of the feet, uses POM (a material well respected in the HiFi world) which has excellent damping properties. The special shape of the Glider allows for optimal oscillation distribution. An added benefit is it is now much easier to move the speakers for optimum placement!