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[Burmester] B38 Speaker *(Pre-Order)*

Original price $204,000.00 - Original price $204,000.00
Original price $204,000.00
$204,000.00 - $204,000.00
Current price $204,000.00
Color: Walnut - Pair *(Pre-Order)*



Order lead time would be around 4-6 weeks.



。Side-firing woofer: the bass loudspeaker in the side wall gives the housing a slim, elegant look which can be easily integrated into almost any living environment

。No visible front panel screws

。Four ways to adapt the bass response to the room acoustics in question

。Optional Bi-Amping for connecting two power amplifiers per loudspeaker

。For the first time: a new Air Motion Transformer with a folded film membrane in the center of a very strong magnetic field

。Low/midrange driver optimized for very short attack and delay times: outstanding clarity, attention to detail, precision, sharpness and spaciousness of musical reproduction

。Woofer with a large, lively membrane, driven by an extremely powerful neodymium magnet

。Extremely stable, vibration-optimized housing with elaborate bracing (FEM-optimised)

。Double-layered side wall with stainless steel ring for particularly firm securing of the woofer

。High-quality aluminum frontage

。Computer-calculated spring-mass damping system for decoupling the loudspeaker from the floor

。Color variants: Black Matt – White Matt – American Walnut – Mid Grey

Technical Data:

。Principle 3-way bass reflex
。Weight 51.5 kg
。Width 210 mm
。Height 1165 mm
。Depth 460 mm
。Rated load capacity DIN EN 60268-5 225 W
。Sensitivity 86 dB
。Nominal impedance 4 Ω
。Frequency range 37 Hz – 33000 Hz (+/- 3dB)
。Tweeter Air Motion Transformer
。Mid-range 17 cm with fiber-glass membrane
。Woofer 32 cm with paper sandwich membrane
。Transfer frequencies 150 Hz / 2400 Hz