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[Lector] ZUM-H-XLR Pre-Amplifier

Original price $20,800.00 - Original price $20,800.00
Original price $20,800.00
$20,800.00 - $20,800.00
Current price $20,800.00
Unit: ZUM-H-XLR - Piece *(Displayed item)*


All new design for this outstanding hybrid headphones amplifier, tube triode input and lateral mosfet output buffer, all circuits are on pure class A ; by selector user can choice the double output power, hi- power or low power : double power output for low-efficiency headphones and hi-efficiency headphones. Tube circuit is around on our exclusive optical bias cathode control. Four independent power supply section for ultra low noise. All circuits from input to output are in pure class A. The ZUM-H can drive any type of headphones from low impedance to high impedance. Hi quality components selection and great value capacitance reservoir for mosfet output. 

- Remote control handset for volume control (series)

- Tube triode driver as 12BH7A (series)

- 5 line inputs selection (series)

- 2 line direct output line monitor (series)

- 1 line output under volume control, line input passive output ( series)

- 1 output power headphones connector as standard 6.3 mm

- Tube triode driver alternative as ECC-802S (optional)

- Lateral panels as wood (cherry) or black plexy (optional)

- spikes feet x 3 pcs (optional)

- Ac Mains : 240 - 110 - 100 Vac 50/60 Hz 70 V/A

- dimension: 400 ( L ) / 440 (L with panels) x 300 ( D ) x 85 (H) mm; weight 7 Kg net , gross 8 Kg.



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