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[Siltech] Ruby / Diamond Zero Ohm Link XLR

Original price $10,350.00 - Original price $33,000.00
Original price $10,350.00
$10,350.00 - $33,000.00
Current price $10,350.00
Style: Ruby XLR 0.75m - Pair

The Zero Ohm cable is a revolutionary add-on product for every audio and video system, and its performance benefits include:

  • lower noise
  • improved microdynamics
  • better dynamic range with sound and vision
  • superior bass, midrange and treble
  • lower audible and measured distortion


Siltech’s Zero Ohm cable lowers your hi-fi system’s distortion levels without the need for a hardware upgrade. Its ultra-high speed filter (>20GHz) ensures perfect phase even at extreme frequencies. The Signature model contains a HPSRTM filter made of pure 99.9999999% silver crystal. The ground wire of the Ruby and Diamond are high purity solid silver-gold using G7 technology.