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[Stax] SR-X9000 Electrostatic Headphone *(Pre-Order)*

Original price $48,980.00 - Original price $48,980.00
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$48,980.00 - $48,980.00
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Order lead time would be around 4-6 weeks.



SR-X9000 is the new flagship Earspeaker that marks the pinnacle of Stax electrostatic headphones production. A major technology advancement is the “MLER-3” (Multi-Layer-Electrodes) - a four-layer fixed electrode combining mesh electrodes and conventional etching electrodes that are crimped by thermal diffusion bonding. The newly developed manufacturing technique matures through a 20-year accumulated research and development, allowing a rigid structure that is resistant to resonation while smoothly evolving the transmission characteristics of sound compared to conventional multilayer fixed electrodes.

The SR-X9000 diaphragm is made of ultra-thin engineering film that is 20% larger than the previous flagship SR-009S. The diaphragm mass has been reduced to create a lightning-fast reaction speed and high-frequency response range that elevates headphone listening to a whole new level.

The guard mesh has pillars of different lengths in front and back. This design changes the height of the gap between the sound element and the guard mesh, and so the guard mesh will not be parallel to the sound element, and thus the reflection angle is completely controlled so that the sound wave flows smoothly. The material of the head pad which had direct contact with the skin as well as the ear pads are genuine leather (sheep skin) which has excellent breathability and softness.

The material of the core cable is a 6NCu ultra-pure annealed copper wire (φ0.14×3). The material of the around core cable is a silver plated annealed copper wire (φ0.08×9). So high and low frequency is improved. The cable can be changed (re-cable). 2 cables (2.5m and 1.5m) are attached and you can choose the cable according to your listening style.

Type: Push-pull electrostatic sound element, open-air type enclosure
Sound element Shape: Large round shape
Fixed electrode: MLER-3 (Multi-Layer Electrodes)
Frequency response: 5 - 42,000 Hz
Electrostatic capacitance: 100 pF
Impedance: 145k Ω
Sound pressure sensitivity: 100 dB
Bias voltage: 580V DC
Attached cable conductor: 6N (99.9999%) OFC + silver plated annealed copper wire
Cable: Parallel 6-strand, low-capacity wide cable
Cable length: 2.5m, 1.5m
Ear pad (skin touching portion): Genuine sheep leather
Ear pad (surrounding portion): Artificial leather
Weight: 432g (ear speaker)
Made in Japan