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[The Chord Company] PowerARAY

Original price $6,360.00 - Original price $77,000.00
Original price $6,360.00
$6,360.00 - $77,000.00
Current price $6,360.00
Style: PowerARAY UK



Order lead time would be around 4-6 weeks.


Chord Company PowerARAY is the latest addition to our range of next-generation noise reduction/absorption devices. Akin to the popular GroundARAY units, the PowerARAY can be connected to unused mains power sockets (wall or distribution block) adjacent to those used to power your hi-fi equipment. The PowerARAY provides a low-impedance escape route for HF noise, reducing the amount entering a hi-fi system, lowering the noise floor and leaving more space for the music. 


PowerARAY Professional

Chord Company PowerARAY Professional is a high-efficiency device designed to target high-frequency noise and uses technology developed for our acclaimed SuperARAY and GroundARAY products. Like these it operates in parallel with the electric supply and at no stage does it get between your electric supply and equipment. This ensures that the PowerARAY Professional delivers consistent results over the widest range of systems and power supplies.