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[Burmester] Phono 100 Phono Amplifier *(Pre-Order)*

Original price $189,000.00 - Original price $189,000.00
Original price $189,000.00
$189,000.00 - $189,000.00
Current price $189,000.00



Order lead time would be around 4-6 weeks.



· Up to two balanced phono inputs (XLR 3pol female), MC or MM version available
(specify by order).
· Automatic recognition of the modules (MC or MM) and visualization at the front panel.
· Independent settings for each module which are selectable and automatically saved
(impedance, gain, subsonic, output 0 dB/+6 dB, auto adjust on/off, etc…)
· Input impedance for MC module selectable (33 , 75 , 220 , 390 , 1 k, 47 k) thus optimal
impedance adjustment possible.
· Input capacitance for MM module selectable (68 pF, 120 pF, 180 pF, 220 pF, 300 pF and
400 pF) thus optimal capacitance adjustment possible.
· The input impedances are switched by means of high performance audio relays, thus the
shortest possible audio path is achieved.
· The input gain can be selected which assures the best possible volume adjustment of
each and every Phono cartridge:
o MM: 37 dB, 40 dB, 43 dB, 46 dB, 49 dB, 52 dB,
o MC: 57 dB, 60 dB, 63 dB, 66 dB, 69 dB, 72 dB.
· Selectable subsonic filter to reduce large woofer movement due to wavy vinyl records.
· Automatic level adjustment of left and right channel (AUTO ADJUST) to compensate
Phono cartridge tolerances up to 6dB.
· Optional selection between fixed and variable volume output
· One balanced analogue stereo output, XLR 3pol male
· One unbalanced analogue stereo output, RCA
· DC coupled signal path assures the best sound reproduction down to the lowest
frequencies without any phase shift in the audible frequency range.
· X-AMP2 output modules with high driving capability feeds even low impedance
· Output voltage can be boosted by 6 dB for devices with a low input sensitivity.
· Output phase may be turned by 180° using a sliding switch on the back panel.
· Optional A/D converter-module with USB and S/P-DIF
· Two digital outputs, S/P-DIF (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK)
· Sampling frequency of the ADC is selectable between
48kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/24bit
· Load display of the ADC with analogue audio level meter with dimmable illumination
· The meter can either display the left channel only, or the right channel only, or the mono
sum of both channels.
· Illumination of the meter selectable
· In addition to the analogue level meter a fast responding overflow LED for short peak
overflow indication is provided.
· The internal power supply features very low standby power consumption (< 1 W).
· remote power up of other devices possible by means of the DC IN/OUT connection.
· Optional BURLINK module for external control via RS232 or USB
· Carbon fibre feet reduce micro phonic effects.
· Burmester remote control included